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Report: Brett Favre Interested In Playing Again. For the Vikings. Seriously.

We've got a video to prove it

Jamie Squire

Here we go. Again. It looks like the Vikings and Brett Favre are going to do one more off season 'will he won't he' dance.


Personally, I'm kind of done with Favre, as I think most of us are. But admittedly...I'm intrigued. A lot. I'd love to see one more year, if he can play at a high level.

Personnel wise...could he be any worse than Matt Cassel?

Yeah, most of us are so done with this. But c'mon...once more into the breach? I think I'm in.

Anyway, anonymous sources...and I have to keep them anonymous, sent me an email, with a video statement form Favre's longtime agent, Bus Cook, stating Favre's desire to play one more year. I'll post the video below.

Players and coaches for the Vikings couldn't immediately be reached for comment, but we're working it. As soon as we get some printable quotes, we'll pass them along.

Remarkably, Favre's in great shape, according to Cook, and could probably play at a high level.

I want to believe it, but even Favre is human. But if he's healthy...and wants to play...okay, I think I'm in.

Lots of folks are going to be upset with this news, especially Packers fans. I'd love to see Favre punk Green Bay two more times. Admit it, you'd love that, too.

From a pure football perspective, I don't know that this makes a lot of sense. The Vikings need a long term answer at quarterback, but could it hurt to have Favre on the sideline for one more year?

Obviously, this is a lot to digest, and I understand your skepticism, especially after 2010 ended in such a disaster. But damn it, I loved damn near every minute of that 2009 season.

On the other hand, 2010 pretty much sucked. A lot. There were some fun moments, like Favre throwing his 500th TD pass to Randy Moss. But yeah, there were a lot more bad moments than good moments.

Linking Favre to the Vikings now, if it was going to happen, is about the bast timing in what is an admittedly worst case scenario. There will be a fair amount of fans wanting one last hurrah, and it will be interesting to see how Rick Spileman and Mike Zimmer handle this.

Seriously, Favre to Minnesota for one more go around. Maybe. Posibly. Wow.

Damn, man. I don't know that I want to do this dance again, though. That was a circus, both times.

Another way to look at least if you are 100% against Favre coming that he could at least be a mentor for whoever the Vikings drafted, and if nothing else, the Vikings would have the most depth at QB than anyone else in the NFL.

Yes, I promised you the Bus Cook video. Here it is:

I never knew Bus Cook and Rick Astley were the same guy. C'mon, admit it. You believed me...maybe for just a second...BUT YOU BELIEVED ME. Also, look at the first letter in every paragraph. There's a hidden message there.