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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Twin Cities "Frontrunner" For MLS Franchise?

It looks like the new stadium that the Minnesota Vikings will be calling home in the near future might have another tenant.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Twin Cities area is the "frontrunner" for what would be the 24th MLS franchise. The league just announced its 22nd franchise will be going to the city of Atlanta, and there is also a franchise slated to go to Miami as soon as they can figure out where, exactly, the team will play.

The Miami franchise will give MLS 23 teams, and the league has a stated goal of reaching 24 clubs by the year 2020. With the new stadium set to come online in time for the kickoff of the Vikings' 2016 season, there's every reason to believe that the Twin Cities would be a prime destination for such a thing.

The Star-Tribune article also speculates as to whether or not the Wilf family would be the owners of said MLS franchise. The other name that is mentioned is Bill McGuire, who owns Minnesota United of the North American Soccer League. The article seems to state that the Wilfs would have the advantage due to the stadium and that there wouldn't be much enthusiasm for another new facility, but maybe people would be more enthusiastic about it for a team that wasn't owned by TEH EVIL WILFS FROM NEW JOISEY.

Also, #McGuirefare doesn't have quite the ring to it that #Wilfare does. Don't get me wrong, it's just as stupid. . .it just isn't nearly as catchy.

But the stadium looks to be presenting a pretty big opportunity for soccer fans in the Twin Cities, and fans of MLS in general. Anything that makes the Twin Cities higher profile is a good idea in my book.