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Arif Link Round-Up and Norse Code Podcast #31: Slow News Week, Adrian Peterson Pays in Bitcoin, Mailbag

We talk about paying college athletes with Bitcoin, Adrian Peterson's recovery, new league rules and answer mailbag questions, as well as provide links to some of Arif's work around the web!

It turns out that being completely unscripted is not the wild romp you think it is, and instead more about rambling and quick subject changes. Nevertheless, it's a good podcast that covers everything you'd expect: bitcoin and punching cops.

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Episode Notes:

As for the link roundups, some of you are aware I've been scouting the incoming class of quarterbacks. I like Teddy Bridgewater a lotI like Johnny Manziel a little and I figured out Blake Bortles.

One of our writers, Carl Knowles, broke down Andrew Sendejo and Carl's very happy with him.

Another writer, Lindsey Young, just published an interview with Sage Rosenfels! It's really very good.

We have also had a number of guest posts. One of the most interesting pieces I've read so far is this one, where the author speculates on the use of technology to accelerate quarterback development. Another one wanted to tamp down the excitement for Zach Mettenberger. Two wrote about "hope"—one about dumping Christian Ponder, and one about just being a Vikings fan.

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