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Introducing the 2014 Daily Norseman Big Board


I know that a lot of people have been asking about a Community Mock Draft for this year. We are working on something along those lines and/or whether or not anyone can facilitate it, as yours truly still does not have proper internet access yet. (Pro tip: If you're told to cancel a contract 90 days before you leave a foreign country, make damn sure you cancel your contract 90 days before you leave that foreign country.) If we can do it, we will. . .if we can't, we won't.

However, we have a little something different that you may have seen on the various SB Nation NFL sites already, and that is the construction of a "big board" for our favorite football team leading up to draft day. Here's how it's going to work.

I will start this with the consensus Top 25 players from the "Mocking the Draft" big board. They will be listed in the poll below. You will get an opportunity to pick your five favorite players from the board. A first-place vote will give a player five points, second-place votes are worth four, three points for third place, two for fourth, and one for fifth. We will leave the poll up for a day or two, and I will then remove the top five players and put them at the top of our "Big Board." I will then plug the next five highest-rated players into the poll, and we will start over again.

Now, this is is not a mock draft. We are not predicting what we think is going to happen. This is basically the hypothetical situation of "if the Minnesota Vikings were on the clock and every single one of these players was available, who would you want them to pick?" For an example of this, check out what our friends from Dawgs by Nature have done here.

The only "standards" for where you rank a player are yours. You can take whatever you wish into account while doing your rankings. Just rank the players in the order that you would like to see them taken by the Minnesota Vikings if they had their pick of the entire 2014 NFL Draft class.

The first post will be coming here shortly, ladies and gentlemen. We hope that you will enjoy helping to create our big boards for the 2014 NFL Draft!