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2014 Daily Norseman Big Board: Spots 1-5

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

We are now going to determine who you, the Daily Norseman Community, think should occupy the first five spots on our 2014 "Big Board" leading up to this year's NFL Draft. Again, here's how it works.

I will take the 25 highest-ranked players on the Mocking the Draft rankings into the poll you see below. You will then have an opportunity to rank your top 5 players. Remember, this is not a mock draft and not a projection of what you think other teams will do or who you think will be available. Basically, ask yourself this question:

"If the Minnesota Vikings were on the clock in the 2014 NFL Draft and they could select any of these players, who would I want them to take?"

I understand that the MtD rankings aren't perfect, but for the most part they're pretty darn good, and it's the easiest list for us to use.

You will get to rank your Top 5 players from the list available. Points will be allotted as follows:

First-place vote = 5 points
Second-place vote = 4 points
Third-place vote = 3 points
Fourth-place vote = 2 points
Fifth-place vote = 1 point

Any player you don't rank won't get any points from you. After a couple of days approximately 24 hours, I will place the Top 5 onto our "big board," replace the five names that were removed with the next five players from the Mocking the Draft rankings, and repeat the process again.

With that, here is the first installment of the 2014 Daily Norseman Big Board. Happy voting, everyone!