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Minnesota Vikings Draft: New Location For Vikings Draft Party

Since the Metrodome is, you know, destroyed, the Vikings Draft party has a new home

Hannah Foslien

The Minnesota Vikings are moving their draft party, and it isn't going back to Winter Park.

The Minneapolis Convention Center will be the new home for the official Miller Lite Vikings Draft Party while the new stadium is undergoing construction.  In years past, the party was held at Winter Park team headquarters in Eden Prairie, but a few years ago the event was moved to the Metrodome.

But since the Metrodome has been blotted from the Earth, the Draft Party now picks up and moves to the Convention Center, at least for the next two years.  I'd be stunned if it wasn't at the new stadium when it's ready to go, but that's just me.

The event begins at 5:30 on Thursday, May 8th, and will continue until the end of the first round.  If you're a season ticket holder, you will get one ticket for each season ticket you have.  If you aren't, but still want to go, tickets are $10.  If you want to go upscale and get a ticket to the XFinity Red Zone, you'll need to pony up $75.  But that gets you complimentary food and beverages, an appearance by a current Vikings player, and a Draft Party souvenir.

Oh, one more thing: Other than women's purses, no bags will be allowed inside.  Or grizzly bears, but that kind of goes without saying.  Go here for more information.