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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 4/18

All the Vikings news that's fit to talk about, all right here

Good riddance.
Good riddance.
Hannah Foslien

We hit the end of the work week, and after yesterday, it can't come soon enough. Man, I had a busy day. Anyhow, since we last brought you an open thread:

The Vikings pre-season is fully set, with opponents, dates, and times.

Mel Kiper, Jr., put out his latest mock draft, and we discussed it..

Mark also did a Vikings mock draft. I like his better than Kiper's.

We tried to make the case for Michigan State's Darqueze Dennard.

We're rounding out the Top 30 on our 2014 Daily Norseman Big Board.

From elsewhere around Vikings Land:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Donovan McNabb mugshot. He was arrested, either from stealing money from the Minnesota Vikings, or impersonating a quarterback. Or maybe something else.

Everyone has an opinion on the Vikings quarterback situation, and how to handle it with regards to the draft. Here's Judd Zulgad's opinion on the matter.

It's been said already, but it needs to be said again: THE METRODOME HAS BEEN BLOTTED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH. AHEAD OF SCHEDULE.

The best of all pro sports playoffs are underway, and it's nice to see that one sports team from Minnesota can make the post-season. Head on over to Hockey Wilderness, SB Nation's Minnesota Wild blog, to follow the Wild as they try to bring home Lord Stanley's Cup.

Also, Minnesota North Stars or GTFO. Norm Green can burn in Hell.

I had to come down a little hard yesterday in the open thread because the discussion veered in to two things we try very hard to avoid--politics, and religion. Yes, climate change/global warming/whatever you want to call it is a debate about science, but like damn near everything else in this country, it's been politicized. Yes, for the most part, the conversation was civil, but eventually, it would get ugly. And we know better than this, folks.

So, to recap:



Also, avoid feeding the trolls, and watch your swearing. Okay? Now that that piece of ugliness is behind us, let's enjoy our Friday.