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Vikings News And Links, 4/25

We recap a big week of news. With beer.

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Not a lot of time, because it's Friday, and somewhere in the world, it's 12:00. I've had to deal with a lot of idiots this week, so my worldview is skewed thusly. You've been warned. Since we last brought you an open thread:

Over/under win total predictions. Basically, if you bet on the Vikings, Vegas wins. And you're an idiot.

Some idiot went through the ridiculous exercise of predicting wins and losses. In April. In my defense, what the Hell else are we going to talk about? Or aboot, for our Canadien friends, eh?

Todd McShay is an idiot and because of his idiocy I have to write 1,000 word posts trying to defend his logic, yet wrapped in my own idiocy. Which contradicts, in almost 180 degree fashion, what he's said. Right up until about Monday. Sure will be nice to get to the actual draft.

From elsewhere around the Internet full of idiots:

Former Ohio State CB Bradley Roby, who might be a Vikings target and is also widely regarded as a mid to late first round pick, is now widely regarded as an idiot.

Whoever decided that delaying the draft an extra two weeks was a good idea is an idiot.

Judd Zulgad has five idiotic points about the Vikings schedule.

Rick Spielman is kind of an idiot.

But he's not as big of an idiot as Ted Thompson.

And combined, they'll never be as much of an idiot as Matt Millen.  He's going to go in the GM Idiot Hall of Fame one day.

Jim Brown is not an idiot when he talks about Adrian Peterson.

Open thread rules remain the same. but there's always one over riding theme: Don't be a friggin' idiot.

Enjoy your Friday, and have an idiot free weekend.