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Arif Link Roundup and Norse Code Podcast #032: The Last NFL Draft Preview, We Promise

Arif and Dusty set a new unofficial record for fewest teeth in a two-man podcast. Also: we complain about Goodell wanting to make the draft process take even longer, we break down the Vikings' schedule, and we wrap up our draft predictions with the return of Wildly Irresponsible Prognostications. Plus your Twitter questions and Arif's expanded thoughts on the plight of big cats, this week on Norse Code!

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I won't let a thing like excruciating oral surgery stop me from recording a podcast, blood be damned!

We're recording our last podcast before the draft (we'll record one every night after each night of the draft, don't worry), so of course we sort of preview the draft but not really because you can sort of just read that. Instead, we wildly prognosticate! We also take your twitter questions, briefly talk about the Vikings' schedule and complain about the NFL, whom we love.

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Episode Notes:

As for the link roundup, we have a number of quarterback reviews! As in, reviews of the 2014 draft-eligible quarterback prospects, not something easier to evaluate, like actual quarterbacks currently in the NFL.

I will continue with Zach Mettenberger, David Fales and A.J. McCarron soon. Hopefully, Jimmy Garoppolo and Brett Smith will be soon after. If I ever get to it, Logan Thomas and Tom Savage will get a look as well.

Speaking of quarterbacks, Rick Spielman agrees that the quarterback possibilities are "torturous" and it may burn him. Or not. Other than that, we covered how Mike Zimmer isn't really a television guy, which is just fine by me.

The Vikings also made some moves, signing Allen Reisner, Terrell Manning, and Kurt Coleman—along with an injury to Josh Samuda. Brief takes on Coleman here, and the other two here.

Perhaps our coolest article once again comes from Lindsey Young, who interviewed E.J. Henderson, the best linebacker the Vikings have had in recent years and is both an inspiring and sad story.

We also had a guest post arguing against a first-round quarterback pick.

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