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This is so ridiculously awesome I want to see it come to fruition

Joe Robbins

We've had a lot of rumors this off-season regarding the draft, and they seem to get more ridiculous with each passing day.  Every time I hear something about skinny knees or Willie Beamon, I shake my head in amazement and think 'That's it. That rumor can't be topped.'

Then Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys come along.  And this rumor is so good, so preposterous, and so ridiculous...I want to see it happen, even if it adversely affects my favorite football team. What's the rumor?  Well, apparently Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys will 'figure out a way' to draft Johnny Manziel.

With all the problems the Cowboys have, QB isn't one of the positions. Say what you want about Tony Romo...oh, hey how do you know you're at a party with Tony Romo? Well, he would've told you himself, but the punch line was intercepted by the bartender.

Anyway, Romo is one of the better QB's in the league, at least statistically speaking. If Jerruh Jones is serious about drafting Manziel, the Cowboys are going to be in a world of hurt.  Why is that?

They're going to have to trade up in the draft to get him, QB free fall theory be damned. They currently sit at 16th, and Manziel will probably go in the top seven or eight.  To move up that far, they're going to have to give up a lot of picks to draft a guy that plays a position they don't need.

Or, they'll make a colossal trade that involves Romo, going to somewhere like Cleveland, or Oakland. And they'd give up a solid player for an untrained rookie. And depending on how the draft falls, The Madness Of Jerry Jones could affect the Vikings.

So let's throw this out there.

Look, this isn't going to happen, but what if...and hear me out here...what if this Cowboys infatuation with Manziel is real?  I don't think it is, personally.  We all know Jerry Jones is nuts, but no one is nuts enough to move up in the draft for a quarterback they don't need.  But if anyone is that's Jerry Jones. And it's very believable to think that Jones thinks it's a great idea to draft Johnny Football and keep the hottest thing in Texas in Texas, on arguably the most talked about franchise in the NFL.

So...Manziel is on the board at eight, and the Vikings are on the clock.  Jerry is Jonesing for Johnny Manziel, bad.  He offers a great set of draft picks to swap, but that means the Vikings won't get any of the top three quarterbacks, and have to settle for one of the second tier quarterbacks, and the dream of Johnny Football in Minnesota dies at radio City Music Hall.

Or they get Tony Romo as part of a (not going to happen) mega-deal.

Do you do the deal?