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Vikings News And Links, 4/29: I Just Want The Crazy To Stop

We're down to single digits until draft day. Thank goodness, because I'm going crazy

I put the word 'crazy' in the search block. This came up. Strangely, it made sense.
I put the word 'crazy' in the search block. This came up. Strangely, it made sense.
Scott Halleran

As we get closer to the draft, the rumors get crazier and nuttier. Like I said on Twitter yesterday, by the time next Thursday gets here, Teddy Bridgewater will be criticized by anonymous scouts for being a terrible ladder builder during the Lindbergh baby kidnapping.  Speaking of rumors, since we last brought you an open thread:

If this happens, Jerry Jones is certifiably crazy.

This idea was crazy.

If the Vikings draft this guy, it might turn out to be a good thing, but it would drive a lot of people crazy.

We're getting to spots 55-60 on our big board. That's cray-cray.

You know what else would be crazy? The Vikings giving up fewer big plays. But Mike Zimmer's defenses appear to be capable of that.

From elsewhere around the web:

The Wilfs claim they aren't making money temporarily storing Metrodome dirt on their land to be re-used for the new stadium. But the Stadium Authority is paying them. To store dirt. On a vacant parking lot. To put back into a stadium they're building. With a lot of state money.  So the paying rent a parking store dirt...that's going back into their new stadium.  You're crazy if you think they're not making money off of this.

The Vikings begin their first minicamp under Mike Zimmer today. We get to talk actual football. Craziness, man.

Mike Wobschall gives us his top five Viking draft picks of all time.  It's crazy to think he didn't even put Carl Eller on that list.

You probably have a good idea what the musical selection of the day is:

Open thread rules remain the same--no politics, no religion, don't feed the trolls, watch the language, and keep the GIF's and pictures in the Land Of PG'ish.

Enjoy your 9 days until the draft. I better see some Two Minute Tommy Kramer GIF's/pics in the comments, or I'll be disappointed in all of you.  Enjoy your Tuesday, gang.