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Hey Floridians, Let’s Have A Draft Party!

Missed out on doing a get-together for an actual game, but hey, there's always the draft!


So I wasn’t able to organize a Floridian Vikings Fan get-together this year (stupid job then not job) for a game, but it is my understanding that there is some sort of a draft coming up that might have some minor importance for our team. What say you we all get together for that?

We can drink, eat, make merriment, and then cry on each other’s shoulders when the Vikings draft someone we all don’t like. The venue shall be AJ’s Sports Bar on Ulmerton Road in Largo (actual address and some directions below). They have quite good food there, by the way, but be aware there is smoking by the bar. (I’ll get us the side room reserved if at all possible so the smoke doesn’t come near us.) There’s already a good contingent of Vikings fans that gathered there for games, and the manager is typically quite gracious to us (despite the fact that he’s a New York Giants fan). It should be a great time, wear your Vikings gear and let’s all have a party! No need to RSVP or anything like that this time, just, you know, show up. All the same I’ll list some contact info below so you can get a hold of me if you have any questions or whatnot.

Remember, the draft this year is May 8th. If you show up April 24th… well, I mean, they still will have good food and drink, but you’ll look a little silly sitting alone in a Vikings jersey (or whatever), and you might end up watching Dancing With The Stars (or whatever) alone. Which, I mean, hey if that’s your thing- I don’t judge. Anyways, I’ll personally be getting there about 30-ish minutes early, show up whenever you want. If you beat me and any other Vikings fans, just ask where "those people who hate happiness" are sitting. Hope to see many of my fellow sunshine staters there!

AJ’s Sports Bar: 7210 Ulmerton Rd., Largo FL 33771 Bar number: (727) 539-6760

In between 66th street and Belcher road- if heading towards the beach, it is on your left.

From I4- Take I275 S, cross Howard Franklin Bridge, take exit 31 onto Ulmerton Road. Mind when Ulmerton forks, stay left to stay on Ulmerton (not Roosevelt).

From I75 (heading north)- Take I275 N, cross Skyway Bridge, take exit 30 for Roosevelt Blvd. Follow the signs that direct you towards the St. Pete Airport, and when you come to the fork stay left to merge onto Ulmerton Rd. (Can't miss the sign.)

From I75 (heading south)- At juncture, stay right to get onto I275 S, minding the signs that are directing you towards St. Petersburg. Take exit 31 for Ulmerton Rd., keep left at the fork to stay on Ulmerton (not Roosevelt).

To contact me, either email kylesegall (at) Hotmail (dot) com, hit me up on Twitter @KJSegall, or feel free to call/text me at (727) 385-3694. (Yeah I know posting my number’s a huge risk but whatever.) I tend to screen my calls BTW so if I don’t answer, you need to either leave a VM/ shoot a text or else I won’t call back. I have changed phones since the last get-together so if I saved your number at a previous outing, keep in mind I likely don’t have it anymore.