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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 5/12

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Well, what a great weekend that was, hey folks? After all that waiting, the 2014 NFL Draft is officially in the books. Frankly, I figure it was worth the wait. Your mileage, as always, may vary.

Pretty much everything from this past weekend's draft is in the Minnesota Vikings Draft Central stream. The only other real story from the weekend is Scott Studwell stepping down as the team's Director of College Scouting. Other than that, it's been all draft, all the time here since Thursday, and it's been awesome.

There's a lot of other draft reaction around the interwebs and what have you, so those links should pretty well do for now.

The rules of the Open Thread are the same as they've ever been, ladies and gentlemen. . .no politics, no religion, no feeding of the trolls, keep the language relatively clean (with spoiler tags, if necessary), and keep the GIFs relatively work-safe.

No real reason behind today's song choice, other than I like the song.

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for this Monday, ladies and gentlemen. Have a good rest of your day, and we will have more for you later on!