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Vikings News And Links, 5/13

All the news that's fit to put on a longboat

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Running late this morning, so let's get right to it:

Peter King put up an article about the details involving the trade of the 22nd pick (Philadelphia) to Cleveland, and the Vikings were trying to get that pick, too.  I did a post on King's preview tweets about the story before it posted, and Fearless Leader did one after it came out.

We took one final look at draft weekend with an all encompassing SMR.  Sober, this time.

Fearless leader begs the question we're all asking--could Teddy Bridgewater come in and start?

This was a pretty stupid rumor.


Here's Peter King's MMQB Tuesday Morning column talking abot the Trade That Didn't Happen But Turned Into Teddy Bridgewater So Quit Crying About It Because Teddy Bridgewater, Yo.

Matt Vensel asks how Bridgewater did in cold weather games

John Sullivan checks in as PFF's 87th best player.

Teddy Bridgewater has the number four top selling jersey among rookies.

Sorry for the abbreviated post.  Work beckons. Open thread rules remain the same, play nice, and take heed the words of Stephen Stills with regards to who you wanted, and who we got at QB. He's gonna be a good one:

Enjoy your Tuesday.