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2014 NFL Draft: Minnesota Vikings Sign Kendall James and Jabari Price

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings signed two more of their draft picks on Friday, announcing them at the same time they announced the signing of guard David Yankey.

The team announced the signings of cornerbacks Kendall James and Jabari Price. James was selected at #184 overall in the sixth round, while Price was the last of Minnesota's ten picks, being taken at #235 overall. No terms have been announced for either of those deals.

At this point, we're not sure how much is going to be expected of James or Price at this point. They will obviously compete for jobs in the secondary and on special teams, but having been drafted as late as they were, they're going to have an uphill battle ahead of them.

In any case, however, welcome to the National Football League, Kendall James and Jabari Price!

This means that three of the Vikings' ten draftees have been signed to contracts. Hopefully we will continue to sign these signings continue throughout the weekend and the team can get this taken care of early on.