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Minnesota Vikings Sign Mike Zimmer

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Pictured: Mike Zimmer, the coach. Not pictured: Mike Zimmer, the linebacker.
Pictured: Mike Zimmer, the coach. Not pictured: Mike Zimmer, the linebacker.
Hannah Foslien

The Minnesota Vikings have signed Mike Zimmer to a contract.

No, this is not a repeat from several months ago. We are not, in fact, talking about the head coach, but rather a linebacker by the same name. Zimmer the linebacker, who played his college ball at Illinois State was one of the two players from the Vikings' rookie camp this past weekend that the Vikings signed to a contract.

So, between head coach Mike Zimmer, linebacker Mike Zimmer, and linebackers coach Adam Zimmer, the Vikings have no doubt set a record for the number of Zimmers on one NFL team at one time. In fact, according to Pro Football Reference, there have been six Zimmermans in NFL history, and even a Zimmerlink, but no Zimmers.

I don't know enough about any of them to determine whether or not any of them are One Crazy Zimmer.

The Vikings also signed linebacker Dom DeCicco, who spent some time with the Chicago Bears in 2011 and 2012 and was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2013 pre-season.

In order to make room for Zimmer and DeCicco, the Vikings released offensive lineman Conor Boffeli and quarterback Travis Partridge. No word on whether or not the players departed the Twin Cities on Partridge's family bus.

(Yes, that was a terrible joke. Come on, get happy, would ya?)

The Vikings' next Organized Team Activities are scheduled to start on 28 May.