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Vikings Agree To Contract Terms With Anthony Barr

The Vikings have signed their top pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, Anthony Barr.

"No, YOU da man."
"No, YOU da man."
Hannah Foslien

Thank you, rookie salary cap.

The drama that used to surround the signing of top NFL draft picks is now a thing of the past--the Vikings have already signed their top draft pick and #9 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, LB Anthony Barr.

Draft picks certainly aren't getting paid like Matthew Stafford and Sam Bradford these days, but Barr's payday is still pretty substantial. You can take your pick of NFL reporters that are on this story, but the first report I saw was from Ian Rapoport:

The total money of $12.75 million is about the standard for Barr's draft slot under the rookie salary cap rules. The deal includes a signing bonus of nearly $7.6 million according to ESPN NFL reporter Ben Goessling and is fully guaranteed. It's also assumed that like most first-round deals the contract is a 4-year agreement with a team option for the fifth year.

Barr is the second-highest draft pick to sign with his new team. Khalil Mack, the #5 overall pick by the Oakland Raiders, is the only other player picked in the top ten that has a deal done. With the business side of things out of the way already, Barr can focus on football and earning the significant chunk of guaranteed money the Vikings have designated for him.