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Vikings Sign Teddy Bridgewater, Brandon Watts, And Shamar Stephen To Rookie Deals

The Minnesota Vikings continued their busy day of rookie deals by signing three more first-year players to contracts.

Bridgewater got paid.
Bridgewater got paid.
Hannah Foslien

Remember when we posted that story about the Minnesota Vikings signing top pick Anthony Barr to a rookie deal? You should, because it was about a half hour ago.

It turns out that Barr wasn't the only rookie getting signed today. The Vikings' other first round pick, a fella by the name of Teddy Bridgewater that you may have heard about, has officially signed his contract as well.

But wait, there's more! Defensive tackle Shamar Stephen and linebacker Brandon Watts have agreed to terms as well:

The specifics of Bridgewater's deal haven't been announced--we'll update this post when the exact terms are announced--but thanks to rookie salary cap slotting we can take a very good educated guess on the terms. Bridgewater is in line for a $3.3 million signing bonus included on a 4-year deal worth $6.85 million. Like Barr's contract, the deal will have a fifth-year team option. This means that if Bridgewater becomes the quarterback of the future that the Vikings are hoping for, he'll be extremely affordable for years to come.

Meanwhile, seventh round picks Watts and Stephen will be slotted for signing bonuses of around $65,000 and four-year deals worth a total of just over $2 million if they are able to make the team.

The latest round of rookie deals mean that only three of the ten Vikings draft picks remain unsigned: RB Jerick McKinnon  DE Scott Crichton, and DB Antone Exum. But at the rate the team is going with announcing deals today, don't be surprised if we have another post within the next hour or two.