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Antone Exum Signs With Vikings

Another day, another Minnesota Vikings rookie signing.

Antone Exum is the latest in a barrage of rookie signings for the Vikings.
Antone Exum is the latest in a barrage of rookie signings for the Vikings.
Hannah Foslien

And then there were eight.

The Minnesota Vikings have announced the official signing of their 8th of 10 draft picks, defensive back Antone Exum:

The details of the contract haven't been announced, but once again we can give you ballpark figures based on the NFL rookie salary slotting system. Exum's 4-year deal should net him a total of $2.3 million with a signing bonus of just over $100,000.

With the flurry of signings announced yesterday, that leaves only the third rounders left for the Vikings to sign: running back Jerick McKinnon and defensive end Scott Crichton. Don't be surprised if those deals are announced in the very near future.

Of all the late-round picks the Vikings made this year, Exum seems to be generating the most excitement. He's very physical and a big hitter, which means he'll likely get a lot of looks at safety at the pro level. Like most of the picks Minnesota made this year, he's a very good athlete with a lot of size for his position. He fell in the draft because he tore his ACL playing pickup basketball in January 2013. The one and only Dr. James Andrews fixed Exum's knee but he missed most of the 2013 season for Virginia Tech.

If Exum is completely healthy and can make the roster via special teams, he'll have a good shot at moving up the depth chart in the Vikings' defensive backfield.