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David Yankey Completes Another Journey

Hannah Foslien

It's been a pretty big couple of weeks for David Yankey. First, he was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings after a stellar career at Stanford University, and he followed that up by being the first of Minnesota's ten draft choices to sign his rookie contract.

On Thursday, Yankey completed a journey of much greater significance.

Yankey, who was born in Sydney, Australia, was raised in Georgia, attending high school at Roswell Centennial.

The decision to become an American citizen is a pretty big one, and not one that people take lightly. Mrs. Gonzo completed the same journey nearly a year ago, so this story strikes a bit of a personal chord with yours truly.

Congratulations to David Yankey on completing the journey to American citizenship! I believe that I speak for many fans of the purple and gold when I say that we couldn't possibly be happier for you.