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Norse Code Podcast Episode #035: Arif Confronts Racism, Talks About Rookie Camp and Answers Mailbag

Norse Code starts off with an uncomfortable topic for him and many others, but has what they think is a somewhat lively discussion. After that, Arif talks about Rookie Camp and answers a plethora of mailbag questions.

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It's an ugly topic to start off Norse Code, but it's something that I couldn't avoid talking about at some point, somewhere. If you're unaware of what happened, I was directed to a post in a forum (post since deleted) with some very choice words about my competency because of my name.

I talk a lot about my experiences growing up with my name and in my skin, but if you really don't want to hear a discussion about that sort of thing, that's fine! Skip ahead to 41:10 (this took some time).

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Episode Notes:

  • The ugly post in question was deleted off the forum, the user banned and I've been contacted with apologies from the board. From my understanding, it's a lively board with some good posters, but has some unique challenges in regards to moderation because the person who runs the board has a demanding job.
  • We talked a little bit about rookie contracts and how they've changed. Despite some misgivings about the total cap space allocated to rookies, Norse Code agrees that the new way of things for rookie contracts is a good thing. Andrew Brandt talks about it at MMQB here, with some exciting detail.
  • There's not much to take away from the Decicco/Zimmer signings, but I did try.
  • Other than that, there's not a lot that can be taken away from rookie camp, and any evaluations should be taken with a grain of salt. Regardless, I did mention that I liked Kain Colter, Adam Thielen and Erik Lora. There's a scouting report on Colter and Lora at VT. In particular, I liked the route-running and separation from all three receivers.
  • Star Tribune video tour, as promised!
  • There's too much in the mailbag to really cover in the episode notes.

There's also some links from VT you can take a look at since we last posted. The crown jewel for this link roundup comes not from me, but from draft analyst Darren Page, who took on 4000+ words on Teddy Bridgewater, and importantly his fit specifically within Norv Turner's system.

Page also looked at how Anthony Barr fits within the schemes that Mike Zimmer has historically run.

I loved that Minnesota grabbed the 2018 Super Bowl, and there are reasons from a public policy perspective that this is a fantastic thing.

Adam looked at four potential post-draft FA options to shore up the depth chart.

Carl looked at Jerick McKinnon, and what his development may mean for the Vikings.

ProFootballFocus released their top 101 and had three names from the Vikings on the list, which I was pretty OK with.

This is that Chad Greenway article that helped spark some controversy.

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