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Vikings Turning Quarterback Competition Into Episode of Oprah

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

What do I mean by that, exactly? Well, it appears that the Minnesota Vikings have taken a look at their quarterback situation going into camp and started yelling, "YOU GET FIRST-TEAM REPS! AND YOU GET FIRST-TEAM REPS! EVERYBODY GETS FIRST-TEAM REPS!

That is, if this story from Chris Wesseling on is accurate. . .and I've got no reason to believe it isn't.

Wesseling states that, in addition to Matt Cassel (the prohibitive favorite to start) and Teddy Bridgewater (who a lot of people would like to see start), Christian Ponder will also be getting some repetitions with the first team during off-season practices.

Now, as the article states, this is likely because the team wants to attempt to get something in return for Ponder this off-season rather than just letting him go after this season for nothing. That makes sense. . .always better to get something if you can. I don't know what the Vikings would do for a #3 quarterback if that was the case, but that's a bridge that can be crossed when the team gets there.

In any case, Ponder will probably be on the team for most of camp (at the very least) in case anything happens to Cassel and/or Bridgewater, and possibly even longer than that.

The article also says that Ponder "hasn't been an outright tire fire" during his three years in Minnesota. He's right, of course. Not that many folks will admit that, but he's right. It also suggests that teams that already have an established star at quarterback would be well-served to take a look at Ponder as a backup after this season. This is also correct. Just being away from Bill Musgrave is going to make all of Minnesota's quarterbacks significantly better.

So, Christian Ponder is going to get his turn running the first-team offense this off-season under Norv Turner after all. Complaining commences. . .now!