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Filed under: Names Christian Ponder Top Trade Candidate

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports has listed the top ten players that they think could be traded sometime during the remainder of this off-season. In what probably comes as at least a mild surprise, Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Christian Ponder sits atop their list.

The article reiterates a lot of the stuff that came out of a previous article about Ponder getting first-team repetitions with the offense during Organized Team Activities.

The Vikings have brought back Matt Cassel, drafted Teddy Bridgewater as the quarterback of the future and declined Ponder's 2015 option. So why are they prepared to waste first-team reps on a quarterback who has fallen out of their plans? The logical inference is an attempt to rebuild some semblance of trade value. Ponder still offers higher upside than the average NFL backup. Former offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave is now the Eagles quarterbacks coach. Former quarterbacks coach Craig Johnson is now the Giants running backs coach. lists four "potential landing spots" for Ponder: the New Orleans Saints, the Green Bay Packers, the Carolina Panthers, and the Atlanta Falcons.

Let's just go ahead and cross the Packers off now. No reason to think the Vikings would give them an opportunity to upgrade over what they have at the backup QB spot at the present time.

As far as the Saints. . .what's that line that Ted usually uses when talking about New Orleans?

Personally, if Ponder were to get traded, I would love to see him get sent to Carolina, if for no other reason than it would give me an opportunity to hear one last bout of complaining about how Ponder is taking an opportunity away from future NFL Hall of Famer and potential greatest quarterback of all time Joe Webb. Then again, I'm sure that would be Leslie Frazier's fault somehow.

The Falcons might actually be the best potential landing spot of the four, however. Atlanta is loaded at wide receiver and should be much improved on the offensive line this season with the addition of Jake Matthews.

I don't know if Christian Ponder will actually get traded at some point during Training Camp or the pre-season, but at least one source thinks it would be worthwhile for a couple of teams to take a shot.