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NFL Draft 2014: Zach Mettenberger Reportedly Failed Drug Test

A quarterback many people pegged to the Vikings had an issue at the NFL Combine

Chris Graythen

LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger, who's already dealt with several off the field issues while at Baton Rouge, has another one to deal with on the eve of the draft. According to multiple reports, Mettenberger reportedly failed a drug test while at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. Seriously, what a dope.  With millions of dollars at stake, this happens every year to one or two guys.  And each year, I never understand why guys can't lay off the stuff for just a few weeks or months.

It's hard to say how this will affect Mettenberger's status overall. He was already dealing with an ACL injury and the subsequent rehab, and that had affected his stock.  There were other questions about him, both on and off the field, that had dropped him to a third or fourth rounder, and this certainly won't help.

Mettenberger had been a guy a lot of people linked to Minnesota as a potential middle round selection, if they didn't address quarterback in the first or second round.

Teams were already aware of this information, and if the Vikings recent history is any indication, the chances of them taking a flyer on him are almost zero.  I thought he was a fringe guy for the Vikings based on his character to begin with, and I would bet something like this would seal his fate with Minnesota.