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Vikings News And Notes, 5/6

Two days. TWO DAYS

MacLeod Bethel-Thompson, because why not?
MacLeod Bethel-Thompson, because why not?
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

When I was in the Army (heeeeeeeeeeere we go) when we had PT, we generally ran two or three miles.  Once in a great while, we had a platoon leader that got a weed up his ass and wanted to run four or five miles. One guy, Lt So and So, wanted to go on a six miler, which he didn't tell us until we had started running.

He was eventually fragged in combat*, but the point of the story is that by the last half mile, all I could think about was that damn run being over. I hated that last half mile...much like I hate these last two days of this extended period of time to get to the draft.

*He really wasn't fragged.  He died while running.**

**That didn't happen, either.

You've become my old platoon leader, Roger Goodell.  Congratulations.  Since last time we had an open thread:

The last SB Nation mock draft before the real one was crazy like a Spielman.

We took the pulse of Viking Nation by getting an informal approval rating on GM Rick Spielman.

CCNorseman is running a community mock draft. Sign up in the thread if you want to participate.

A rumor was floating around the Interwebs about the Vikings and Rams discussing a trade involving Sam Bradford.

From elsewhere around the Web:

Middle linebacker is becoming an afterthought in the NFL.

Minnesota native Seantral Henderson, who came out of Cretin Durham Hall as one of the most ballyhooed recruits in college a few years ago, reportedly failed a drug test at the combine. As a result, he could very well go undrafted.

UCF coach George O'Leary says Blake Bortles would be a good fit for the Vikings.

Speaking of failed drug tests and quarterbacks, let's combine our previous two stories, shall we? LSU's Zach Mettenberger, who a lot of people have pegged as a Vikings target in later rounds, allegedly had a diluted urine sample at the combine. 'Diluted urine sample' is codeword for 'failed a drug test'.  Which is codeword for 'freaking moron'.

Seriously, a hot piss test can potentially cost a guy millions, and they can't stay clean long enough for one they know they'll have to take while they're in Indianapolis? Really? Maybe I'm the idiot, but I just don't get it.

Waiting seems to be a theme, it appears.

And with that, the beer light is on and the bar is open. Watch the language, don't feed the trolls, and no politics or religion. Enjoy your Tuesday.