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DN Live Community Mock Draft: First Round Draft Thread

Let the first round of our Live Community Mock Draft begin!

Welcome to the 2014 Daily Norseman Live Community Mock Draft.  Team owners have been assigned and the check-in process is now complete. Below is the pick order with team assignments for the 1st Round:

Team Owner
1. Houston Texans helheim
2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins) MarkSP18
3. Jacksonville Jaguars AVeazey24
4. Cleveland Browns Quantifiable Bladderhorns
5. Oakland Raiders VKNG
6. Atlanta Falcons emeyenburg
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jimemort
8. Minnesota Vikings Daily Norseman
9. Buffalo Bills kauabunga
10. Detroit Lions Skoldier
11. Miami Dolphins (from Tennessee Titans) WayneHodge1106
12. New York Giants KON
13. St. Louis Rams MarkSP18
14. Chicago Bears Jack Dickson
15. Pittsburgh Steelers JZHoodie
16. Dallas Cowboys kwarren3
17. Baltimore Ravens DariusVIII
18. New York Jets Darth Paxton
19. Tennessee Titans (from Miami Dolphins) misterdizz
20. Arizona Cardinals kauabunga
21. Green Bay Packers jakewp11
22. Philadelphia Eagles dustdevilx
23. Kansas City Chiefs cycloneallnightlong
24. Cincinnati Bengals FalterInMySteps
25. San Diego Chargers jakewp11
26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis Colts) Quantifiable Bladderhorns
27. New Orleans Saints erikanthony
28. Carolina Panthers Gyrotun
29. New England Patriots Nich
30. San Francisco 49ers UnBannedVikingholic
31. Denver Broncos purple packer eater
32. Seattle Seahawks jclillehei93

One last time, here are the rules for tonight's mock draft:

Live Mock Draft Rules

1.       Each team will be controlled by one registered member of the Daily Norseman.  There will be a second member assigned as a "backup" owner in case the original owner doesn't show or has to leave early.  DN Members may sign up for a maximum of two teams, but can only signup to be the primary owner of one team.  For example, you can sign up to control the Texans, and then signup as a backup to Patriots.  But you can't sign up to be the primary controller of both the Texans and Patriots.  It may turn out that one person controls two teams during the Live Mock if a backup owner who is also controlling a team has to be tapped to run a second team.

2.       Users should "check-in" Tuesday night by simply replying to the new Draft Thread that will go up so I know you are present and that we can begin.  If a primary team owner does not check-in, then I will give the backup owner a chance to check-in.  Please be checked-in and ready to roll by 7:25pm so that we make backup appointments and start promptly at 7:30pm.  If any team is unclaimed after the check-in process by 7:30pm I will assume control of said team.

3.       Each team owner will submit their pick by posting a comment reply to the Draft Round Thread.  Simply make a comment reply to your team's "on the clock" announcement from the commissioner (me).  DO NOT EDIT YOUR COMMENT REPLY.  Whatever selection first pops up on the screen, is the selection I will take.  So make sure your selection is correct before your hit the "Post" button.  I will respond with a confirmation comment verifying the selection you make, and that will finalize the selection.

4.       Each team owner will have 90 seconds to make a selection.  If a comment reply is not made within 90 seconds of the "on the clock" notification, the commissioner (me) will submit a pick in their place.  We want the process to move quickly, so please don't delay and pay attention to the draft order.

5.       No one person will control the Vikings.  When the Vikings are on the clock they will have an extended period of time on the clock.  Users can discuss and petition certain picks depending on how the mock draft plays out.  After about 5 minutes of discussion, I will make a pick for the Vikings that most closely resemble what I perceive to be the consensus from the discussion.  I recommend posting who you want the Vikings to take as well as justification for your choice.  I will count how many votes each particular player has, and weigh the most compelling arguments.

6.       This Live Mock Draft will only last through 3 rounds.  Based on how long the 7-round mock took last year "aint nobody got time for that."  If you cannot be available for 2-3 hours and see the Live Mock to the end of 3 rounds, then please don't participate.

7.       Yes, trades will be allowed!  However, remember that you still only have 90 seconds on the clock.  So if you are considering a trade it must be completed AND your selection made before the 90-second deadline.  You can simply announce any trade that you have agreed on in the comments section.  Both teams should respond verifying the validity of the trade in question.  If any trade is too far out of bounds with the Jimmy Johnson trade chart, it will be vetoed.  Limit trades to draft picks only (do not include any player(s) for pick(s) trades, I'll just veto those).

8.       I will be a tyrant commissioner, hell-bent on keeping this thing running on time.  So do not be upset if I make a pick for you if you delay.  Keep that in mind when considering trades and the like.  I will do my best to stay on top of all the comments and to keep things running smoothly, but if last year was any indication it will not be easy, especially if the SB Nation or Vox Media servers get tied up.  My fingers are crossed for a smooth process.

9.       Any team owner that purposefully tanks their pick will be immediately removed from the mock draft and the pick will be re-selected by me, and the team will be taken over by me.

Once the 1st round is completed, we'll take a short break while I organize the 2nd round thread.