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Vikings News And Links, May 7th


Yeah, these guys turned out to be pretty good draft picks.
Yeah, these guys turned out to be pretty good draft picks.
Donald Miralle

This is the last full day before the draft. It kinda feels like Christmas Eve.  I just hope that Come tomorrow night, I don't end up getting a big pink bunny suit from Aunt Clara as one of my presents.  Since we last brought you an open thread:

We looked at the success rates of QB's taken after the first round. Hint: Not pretty.

CCNorseman organized and ran our live community three round mock draft last night. The first round results are here, the second round here, and the third round, right here. And curse you all for not taking Ohio State RB Carlos Hyde in the second round.  DAMN YOU TO HELL, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL.  Other than that, helluva job organizing the draft and playing commisioner, CC, and great job to everyone who participated.

From elsewhere around the Web:

GM Rick Spielman had his last press conference before the draft yesterday. You can watch the full thing right here. As soon as I can find a transcript, I'll do a Rickspeak.

Spielman isn't telling anyone his draft strategery.

He also said he wouldn't trade Christian Ponder during the draft. He made no mention of 'before' or 'after', though. Or during minicamp. Or the dead period between the draft and minicamp. Or June 23rd, which is a random date I plucked out of the air.

He also mentioned that trade talks are starting to heat up.

The Vikings Super Bowl bid will be submitted via iPad to all 32 NFL owners today.  Adobe Flash free, I can only assume.

Blair Walsh talks about how the draft process helped him redeem his kicking reputation. Really good behind the scenes read here.

Arif over at Vikings Territory puts all the rumors in one place.

Dan Zinski over at The Viking Age tells us about Rick Spielman and responsibility.

My bad for not getting out any info from the Spielman presser yesterday. Real life stuff came up, and we had stuff going on.  I'll try to make it up with one last Rickspeak before the draft.  All apologies:

With that, the bar is open and the beer light is on. No politics, no religion, no bad words, don't feed the trolls, and be patient. Draft starts tomorrow.  Enjoy your Wednesday