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NFL Draft: NFL 'Seriously Considering' Moving 2015 Draft Back

Because Roger Goodell is trying to become the next Gary Bettman, that's why

Doug Pensinger

There were two things that came out of this extra two week period between from when the draft is traditionally held to when it's being held this year:

1) Everyone got sick and tired of preparing, reading, and commenting on mock draft

2) Everyone...and I mean EVERYONE...agreed that this extra two week wait sucked and should never happen again.

Everyone, that is, except Roger Goodell.

Seriously?  No one--from my real life friends that I talk to face to face, to my social media friends that I make mom jokes about, thinks this is a good idea.  But unfortunately, the one guy that makes the final decision on this, the NFL commissioner, thinks it might be a good idea.

I have no idea why, but he does.  Ugh.  Let's hope it doesn't come to pass.