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NFL Draft: Vikings Make A Trade With Cleveland

GM Rick Spielman just pulled the trigger on yet another first round trade. Who is the deal with and what are the particulars?

There's a reason they call him Trader Rick
There's a reason they call him Trader Rick
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

A little while back, Vikings GM Rick Spielman stated that one of the things he likes to have heading into draft weekend is at least ten picks available to him.  That wasn't the case when the day began, as the Vikings had their seven picks plus an extra third rounder from Seattle as the last remnant of the Percy Harvin trade.

But Spielman, known for his draft day wheeling and dealing, has just pulled off another trade with the INSERT TEAM NAME HERE that has the NFL buzzing.

In return for moving up into the Vikings 8th slot, the Vikings are now picking at #9 overall. For moving back one spot, the Browns also traded a fifth-round pick to Minnesota.  They now have 9 picks to utilize for any future moves, which if history is any indication, seems very possible.

This move allows the Vikings in prime position to still address linebacker, quarterback, or defensive back, and with these additional picks, move back into the bottom of the first round to grab another player they might have their eye on.

Stay tuned, because things just got real interesting.