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The Vikings Tried (And Failed) To Trade Up For Johnny Manziel?!

It appears that Cleveland Browns swooped in right before the Vikings were going to make a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports


Earlier in the night we here in the media room at Winter Park were laughing at the Vikings stealing another draft pick for trading down only one spot with the Cleveland Browns.

It appears that the Browns got the last laugh on the first night of the draft.

Here's the earth-shattering tweet from Jay Glazer:

Again: WHOA.

It looks like the Vikings were poised to make a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles for the #22 pick and select Johnny Manziel with that pick. But the Browns pulled a page from the movie Draft Day and got their guy at the last second by coming in with a better offer.

Depending on where you come down on your opinion of Johnny Football, this is either more devastating news or another bullet dodged. Either way, the Vikings had a shot at Manziel earlier in the night and passed, and Cleveland now has their most exciting athlete since LeBron James left town. The Vikings still need to add a quarterback sometime in this draft, and the pool just shrunk by one.