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Football Diaries: Anthony Barr

When the Minnesota Vikings selected UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr with the ninth overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft on Thursday night, it came as a bit of a surprise to some folks. While there had been a lot of names thrown around for a potential Vikings' pick, Barr wasn't one of the names that was frequently mentioned.

Well, thanks to the folks over at The Post Game, we can help you out with that. They've given us a video called Football Diaries: Position Change Jump Starts Anthony Barr at UCLA. It tells the story of his training for the 2014 NFL Draft, as well as a bit of his background.

I'd like to thank the people from The Post Game for providing us this video. I'll admit that I didn't know a whole lot about Anthony Barr, either, and this video provided a pretty decent insight into both the player and what he went through to prepare for the biggest day of his football life.

Enjoy the video, folks!