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Kluwe/Priefer Saga Finally Near Completion. Maybe.


You know, it's been a while since we had a story about the ongoing situation between the Minnesota Vikings, former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, and current Vikings special teams coach Mike Priefer. According to one source, it appears that the situation may finally get ready to be closed.

Or, from a courtroom perspective, it might just be getting started.

Chris Tomasson at the St. Paul Pioneer Press is reporting that the final interview of the investigation that the team is conducting will take place on Friday, and the final report will be completed "about ten days after that."

Arif has put together a pretty thorough piece over at Vikings Territory about the legal aspects of this entire thing, complete with various precedents and things of that nature. Basically, if the investigation comes out in Priefer's favor, then Kluwe and his legal team will have some avenues they can pursue, but they're all going to be fairly tough rows to hoe. However, I would fully expect that they would attempt to pursue some sort of legal action if the investigation finds that Kluwe's claims against Priefer are false.

Of course, if the investigation finds in favor of Kluwe, then Mike Priefer probably gets fired in short order. I would think that the Vikings would fire him in such a situation, anyway. It would probably be pretty tough for them to keep him around under such circumstances.

In any case, in about two weeks or so we will have another turn in this entire saga. Whether it's the final turn or not remains to be seen. Whichever it is, we'll have all the news about it for you right here.