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Vikings Sign Darren Spro--I mean Jerick McKinnon

The last unsigned draft pick is no longer unsigned. We now have to find something else to talk about

Hannah Foslien

According to multiple reports, the Vikings long, national nightmare is over.*  Jerick McKinnon has been signed, which means all 2014 draft picks are now under contract. According to Chris Tomassen of the Pioneer Press, McKinnon received a signing bonus just north of 500 large, and the total deal is four years and $2.75 million.

*Not long. Not national. Not really a nightmare, either.

McKinnon is a guy most people didn't know a lot about when he was drafted, but when you look at the history of Norv Turner and his offenses, it's easy to make the Darren Sproles comparison to McKinnon. Sproles, as most of you know, was the diminutive change of pace back for LaDainian Tomlinson while he was in his prime in San Diego, and Sproles came into his own as a running back and pass catcher.

The Vikings, one would assume, would hope to use McKinnon much in the same matter. as a change of pace guy and a back that can help ease some wear and tear on Adrian Peterson.  As it stands right now, he will probably be fighting it out with primary backup Matt Asiata to win the number two job.

If history is any indicator, you have to like his chances. Asiata is a bruising, straight ahead, between the tackles runner who has only caught six passes in two years, and doesn't seem to be as natural a fit in Turner's offense that McKinnon would seem to be.

But that said, we'll find out all about that battle, and other ones, come training camp.