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Former Vikings DT Kevin WiIlliams Signs With Seattle Because Of Course He Does

The Williams Wall is officially dead

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Former Vikings All Pro DT Kevin Williams, who came to the Vikings in the famous 2003 draft 'pass', has signed with the Seattle Seahawks.

Because where else would he sign?  Seriously, damn near every former Viking player, at some point, become a Seahawk, I think.  Although there had been talk in recent days of Williams returning to Minnesota, the Seahawks opted to execute the 'Former Vikings Must Sign With Seattle' clause, which is written somewhere in the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement. I think. Maybe. Maybe Not. Probably not. Okay, not.

Still seems like it's in there, though.

Either way, the signing closes a remarkable era for the DT out of Oklahoma State.  His career started off with a thud, through no fault of his own. On draft day in 2003, Minnesota was working a trade with the Baltimore Ravens to move down in the draft.  But before they could finalize the trade (or, if you believe alternate conspiracy theories, Baltimore was sandbagging the Vikings) the time on the draft clock expired, causing the Vikings to pass on their pick.  Two picks were made before the Vikings could get up to the podium with a name, and the Vikings hierarchy was called every name but competent.

Once Williams hit the field, though, all that was forgotten by fans.  Williams garnered six Pro Bowls in his 11 seasons, was an absolute force in the middle of the defensive line, and when Minnesota signed DT Pat Williams in 2005, they formed the base of the defense that became known as 'The Williams Wall'. The Williams Wall was one of the toughest units in the NFL to try to run against, ranking first against the run from 2006-2008, and second in 2009.

With his departure, Williams will certainly go down as one of the best defensive linemen in team history, and after his retirement, he can make a borderline case for the Hall of Fame, and one would think he would, at some point, be a shoo-in for the Vikings Ring Of Honor.

We wish Kevin Williams well out west, and I think I can speak for most fans when I say it was a pleasure watching him play for the Purple and Gold.