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Vikings News And Links, Friday The 13th

We end our week by not walking under any salt and throwing some ladders over our shoulder. Or something.

Hannah Foslien

Finally, we hit the end of the week.  It's Friday the 13th, and a full moon. For the love of God, stay out of the state of Florida today. Kyle lives there. You've been warned.  Since last we brought you an open thead:

Kevin Williams signed with another team. Because NFL bylaws give the Seattle Seahawks an apparent right of first refusal on former Vikings players, he went to Seattle.

Arif checked in with another Norse Code podcast, previewing the World Cup.

Eric took this soccer thing one step further by trying to decide which Vikings players would work best at a particular position if they were soccer players. At least I think that's what his article was about. I saw the word 'soccer' and started throwing people off my lawn.

From elsewhere around the Vikings world:

Matt Vensel tells us the Vikings are starting to become more familiar with the new playbook and terminology of the coaching staff.

He also tells us Xavier Rhodes is gaining a lot of confidence. Seriously, this team is going to be good, kids.

Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press gives us the full details on Williams heading west.

Let's do one more 8 bit cinema. How about some Pulp Fiction?

Beer light is on, bar is open, open thread rules remain the same as they always have. Enjoy your Friday, folks.