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We Have An Actual Vikings GIF, And It's Sweet

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

With the Minnesota Vikings conducting their mini-camp today, a lot of folks are hanging out and looking for any information they can on it.

The folks that run the team's official Twitter account obviously know this, and they gave us a little something to whet our appetites with.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you visual proof that the Minnesota Vikings are actually practicing. Proof that will allow you to see. . .THE FUTURE!

That's right. . .Teddy Bridgewater to Cordarrelle Patterson for a big gain.

Yes, everyone is wearing t-shirts and shorts, and yes it's only the middle of June. . .

But man, that looks nice, doesn't it?

According to all the reports that have come out so far, the pecking order for the quarterbacks was the same (Matt Cassel, followed by Bridgewater, followed by Christian Ponder), but Bridgewater appears to have had the best day of the bunch, going 15-for-17 in drills today. Cassel went 5-for-14 (but apparently had several passes dropped), while Ponder went 4-for-4.

Not that you've seen any of this because you're still watching the GIF, but still. . .there you go.