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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: More Televisions, More Escalators

We already know that, the minute it opens in 2016, the new Minnesota Vikings' stadium (whatever it might end up being called by then) is going to be the premiere stadium not only in the National Football League, but in North American professional sports in general. It was announced on Friday that the team was taking more steps to ensure that's the case.

The team announced that it would be adding six more escalators to the main entrance area of the new building. That means that the main entrance will have 18 escalators, and there will be 33 in total throughout the building.

It was also announced that the number of televisions throughout the stadium would be more than doubled, with the team saying that they would put in an extra 1,180 televisions to bring the total to 2000. I guess they really want to make sure that nobody misses anything during the course of a game, eh?

Further, the announcement was made that more changes would be needed for the stadium to host future events. For hosting Super Bowl LII in 2018, the potential for adding more suites has been discussed. The MSFA has also said that for the hosting of an NCAA Final Four, potentially in 2019 or 2020, the number of locker rooms would have to be doubled to four.

The folks from Mortensen Construction reported that there are now 400 people working on the site every day, and that they've poured approximately one-sixth of the 100,000 cubic yards of concrete that will go into the stadium's construction. They have also said that approximately $89 million worth of work has gone into the site in the six months that work has been going on, and that it typically takes two years for that amount of work to be completed.

The new stadium is coming along, ladies and gentlemen. I know we all can't wait to see it. And now it's going to have even more amenities than originally promised, which can only be a good thing.