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Norse Code Podcast Episode #038: Vikings Fantasy Projections, Fall Experimental Football, Adrian Peterson's Place

In the 38th episode of Norse Code, Dusty and Arif confront the dreaded overrated/underrated numbers for Vikings players in fantasy football, talk NFL developmental leagues, and Adrian Peterson's place among the NFL's elite. They touch on NFL current events and also take on your mailbag questions while studiously avoid mentioning things like the World Cup.

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We're a bit late on this episode of Norse Code, but that's OK because now you have something to listen to when all those hippies are paying attention to the "World Cup" like the losers they are.

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Episode Notes:

  • I noted that the Greatest Kickers of All Time included Gary Anderson and Morton Andersen, but forgot about Nick Lowery and (stupidly) Jan Stenerud, all of whom are effectively gauged and accounted for in this excellent post by Chase Stuart on the best kickers of all time (relative to era).
  • The details on the Fall Experimental Football League are here.
  • My session with Andy Carlson on the Purple FTW Podcast is here. He's a great guy. Also, I got a little more excited than I usually do.
  • We were able to get a good look at snap counts for the passers if you haven't looked at it already. Cassel is the clear front runner, and the snaps are being divided pretty heavily in favor of Teddy and Matt.
  • I have no idea why we kept the clips in about Magic: The Gathering, but there it is at the end.

We have a few articles up on Vikings territory since you last checked in. Lindsey Young provided her take on Steve Hutchinson potentially returning to the Vikings as scout. She also brought up the nutritional and conditioning guidelines under the new staff, and what Adrian Peterson's future may portend.

New writer Brent LaBathe looked at what an improved secondary means for the Vikings and how they could improve. Adam gathered links around the web for a one-stop shop on the Vikings. Carl Knowles took the time to break down the battle between Kain Colter and Erik Lora. If you're hankering for another, longer breakdown and have missed a lot at Vikings Territory, then Darren Page wonderfully broke down Jerick McKinnon. Fantastic effort from him.

I wrote a few things as well. I had a brief take on Josh Cooper, the new receiver signing for the Vikings from the Browns. I'll have more on him later. I also detailed why I wouldn't be too upset if the Vikings were forced to get rid of Mike Priefer. At cover32, Andrew Garda also explained why he thinks Teddy Bridgewater should start.

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