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The Part Of The Story Where We Make A Really Big Announcement

The Daily Norseman will be at Mankato. Again. For the entire camp. Again. Because we're awesome, natch.

Several days ago, the Vikings announced their training camp schedule. The first practice is on July 25th, and camp ends on the 14th.

And The Daily Norseman will be there for all of them.  That's right, every practice, every day, from the beginning to the end of camp.  Although the Vikings will be allowing other blogs to cover for the first time, which is fantastic (and congratulations to those blogs, hope to meet up with you guys there) we are the only one that has access for the entire camp, and we're not only fired up, we're grateful that we've been given this opportunity.

The only reason we're there from beginning to end is because of you, the readers and fans of this blog. Without you guys and gals coming here in droves, day in and day out, the profile of this humble little corner of the Internet wouldn't be what it was, and it's because of you guys that we're able to do this.

Well, you and the Minnesota Vikings saying we can. Yeah, that's kind of an important part of the puzzle, too. Thanks Vikings!

Thank you, each and every one of you.  So, with that said, here's our schedule, at least tentatively:

July 25-28: Ted and Di Murphy, the Rookie

July 29: Off day

July 30: Arif and CC Norseman

July 31-Aug 2: Arif and Eric

Aug 4-Aug 14: Arif and TBD, but we'll figure it out

So, if you're going to Mankato for training camp, wave us down between practices; we'd love to meet the folks that have helped make this possible.