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Vikings Will Use North Sideline at TCF Bank Stadium

So, about those season tickets you might have already purchased

What sideline will the Vikings use? The shadow knows (creepy music goes here)
What sideline will the Vikings use? The shadow knows (creepy music goes here)
Hannah Foslien

The Minnesota Vikings spent the first 20 some years of their existence sharing a sideline with the opposing team. Seriously, it was way cool. The Vikes were on one side of the 50, the opponents were on the other side of the 50, and some of the old time Vikings greats have told stories about some epic trash talking between them and opponents.

When they moved in to the Metrodome, they went all conventional, and each time occupied one sideline, as is customary. The opponents were on the north sideline, the Vikings were on the south. It was generally thought that the Vikings would occupy the south sideline at TCF Bank stadium, too, as that's the sideline the Gophers use.

Today, it was announced that they will instead use the north sideline.

The reasoning? Well, the sun shines longer on the north sideline, and it gives the Vikings maximum sun exposure time. Basically, it'll be warmer longer on the north sideline than it would on the south. No, seriously, that's the answer.  As the sun sets, the shadows go across the south end of the field first, so it gets colder on that side of the field, while the north side is still basked in the warm glow of the sun.  Really guys, I'm not making this up.

But once you hit single digits, it's pretty much all the same. Am I right, or am i right?

This might impact a lot of folks who have already purchased season tickets on the assumption the Vikings would be on the south sideline. In this report from the coolest named beat writer in the business, Master Tesfatsion, the Vikings will work with customers who would like to change their tickets:

"We understand some fans may be concerned with the change, and we're encouraging those fans to contact our ticket office with any questions or concerns," Vikings Executive Director of Communications Jeff Anderson said. "We'll be willing to work with them and be as accommodating as we can."

It's too late for Facebook commenter Nick R. Semmler, though.  He sent a sternly worded FB post to the Vikings:


Not one sternly worded Facebook rant, but TWO, and they were

If you're now worried about where the Vikings will be when they move into their new stadium, don't be:

The change will only be in place for the next two seasons and will not impact fans in the new stadium, as the team will return to the south sideline in the new venue.

"We are always sensitive to any changes that impact our fans, but we support our football personnel in making this decision that they believe is best for the football team," said Vikings Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer Steve LaCroix. "Fans can be assured that the team will return to the south sideline when the new stadium opens in 2016."

So, there you go. Maximum tanning for the next two years, then back to normal. Do with this information what you will. For me, it's Friday night, and it's time for some beer. Have a good weekend, kids. Let's be careful out there.