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Randy Moss Starts Coaching Career

Jeff Gross

Randy Moss was one of the greatest and most physically gifted wide receivers in the history of the National Football League, and will eventually find himself in Canton as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His on-field career has been over for a season (having last played in 2012 for the San Francisco 49ers), and now it's taking a turn that not many people probably saw coming.

Moss has agreed to become a coach for Victory Christian Center School, a small private high school in Charlotte, North Carolina. His son, Thaddeus, will be attending the school starting this fall. From what I can garner from the article, Thaddeus is not a football player himself (the article makes it sound like basketball is the younger Moss' game), but Randy Moss will be coaching for the high school on the gridiron.

No word on whether Moss will be paid via check or if he will receive straight cash for his services.

I guess I probably shouldn't be as surprised by this development, particularly in light of the article cited by where Bill Belicheck cites Moss as the "smartest wide receiver he's ever coached." (A claim which is no doubt dismissed by many Moss/Vikings haters because WHARRGARBL I PLAY WHEN I WANNA PLAY WHARRGARBL.) But it's nice to see Moss getting on with his career after football.