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Chad Greenway Helps Out Boaters On Lake Minnetonka

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

We've debated a lot this off-season as to whether or not Minnesota Vikings' linebacker Chad Greenway has lost a step. If he has, you'd have a tough time convincing a couple of boaters that found themselves stuck on Lake Minnetonka yesterday.

The couple, identified as Crystal and Edward Alexis, were reportedly looking at homes along Lake Minnetonka when their boat. . .which they had purchased just the day before. . .stopped working. (Sure hope they kept the receipt.) Their boat was in danger of running into some rocks or possibly drifting into a spillway until Greenway came along and helped to push them to safety. KARE-11 in the Twin Cities has video of a lot of this at the link above there.

Greenway joked around with the couple and reporters that had made their way to the scene afterwards as well.

But what did Crystal and Edward think of Minnesota Viking Chad Greenway coming to their aid?

"We didn't even know, we didn't even know," the couple said.

So, now that they do know who their knight in soaking wet shorts is, Chad will clearly have super-fans for life...right?

"Oh, it's always been the Vikings," says Crystal, but her husband has a different view. "I'm a Chicago Bears fan, I'm just going to keep it real," said Edward with a laugh.

"Good thing he told me that after!" joked Greenway.

All jokes. . .and bad taste in football teams. . .aside, great job by Chad Greenway of being in the right place at the right time and helping a couple of folks who needed it.