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Why is Jerick McKinnon Still Unsigned?

Hannah Foslien

The Minnesota Vikings have signed nine of the ten players that they selected in last month's NFL Draft. The one that has not yet signed is the second of the team's two third-round picks, running back Jerick McKinnon out of Georgia Southern University. It seems a little strange that this would be the case, but it appears we may have the reason why.

John Holler over at Viking Update has put together a piece about why McKinnon remains the lone Vikings' pick that has not been signed, and the short answer is. . .well, it's everyone else's fault. In a way.

McKinnon was the 96th overall selection. Thus far, three of the eight picks between #92 and #99 have been signed. The player that was taken directly ahead of McKinnon at #95 overall, offensive tackle Michael Schofield, signed his deal with the Broncos worth $2.777 million over the next four years. You would think that McKinnon would be getting a similar deal.

The issue comes in the fact that tight end Crockett Gilmore, who was taken by the Baltimore Ravens with the 99th overall pick, actually got a larger contract than Schofield got at #95. (And, for that matter, more than the Carolina Panthers gave guard Trai Turner at #92.) Gilmore's contract is a four-year, $2.907 million deal, while Turner's four-year deal is worth $2.791 million.

The signing bonus amounts are different as well. Schofield got a larger signing bonus than Gilmore received, and they both got a larger signing bonus than Turner did.

Unlike the first-round picks, there isn't a logical progression in the contracts that we're seeing at the bottom of the third round. Eventually, all of these deals will get worked out, but if anyone is still curious as to why McKinnon is still unsigned, that appears to be the biggest part of the reason.