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NORV~! Wanted Matt Cassel In Cleveland Last Year

Sorry. . .no pictures of NORV~! as a Viking yet.
Sorry. . .no pictures of NORV~! as a Viking yet.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Much like the Minnesota Vikings, the Cleveland Browns have had their share of quarterback issues over the past few years. And "the past few years" is a pretty kind assessment. . .in both cases.

As it turns out, the man that ran the Browns' offense last year wanted the guy that's the prohibitive favorite to start for the Vikings this year to be his quarterback by Lake Erie. He confirmed as much in an interview with Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

"I think that would have been, at the time, a good move for us," said Turner. "I gave my evaluation (for the Browns to sign him). I thought he would have fit. ... Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn't."

Cassel wound up in Minnesota on a two-year deal last year, and signed a bigger deal with the Vikings this past off-season, partially because he knew that Turner would be a part of the Vikings' new coaching staff.

If the season started today, Cassel would be the starter for the Vikings at quarterback, but we've yet to see how first-round pick Teddy Bridgewater will handle his first NFL Training Camp and whether or not he can wrestle the starting job away for himself. Bridgewater has said he would be okay with being the backup, but I think a lot of people would love to see him get the chance to start from the first snap in 2014. It will certainly make the Vikings' quarterback battle in camp an interesting one to watch.