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Your Daily Reminder That Jerry Burns Is Still Pretty #$%^&@ Awesome

The former coach and Ring Of Honor inductee spoke to the team a few days ago and gave his observations

If I listened to Jerry Burns speak, I'd be laughing, too.
If I listened to Jerry Burns speak, I'd be laughing, too.
Hannah Foslien

Hey kids.  Wow, did I miss this place.  Canada was fun, thanks for asking.  If you're going fishing there soon, I would wait.  I think I caught all of them.  ALL OF THEM.  There are none left.

Sorry I'm not sorry.

Anyway, in getting caught up with all the Vikes news while I was out, the team had some practices this past week, and former offensive coordinator and head coach Jerry Burns stopped by to address the team.

I think it's cool that new coach Mike Zimmer is reaching out to former players and coaches and keeping them involved, in some way, with the Vikings, and this is the most recent example.  As the Strib's Michael Rand reports, Burns addressed the team after practice earlier this week.  Burns thinks the team will be much improved, and likes the new attitude and environment Zimmer and the staff has put in place, at least so far:

"I think he's a very good coach," Burns said. "He creates a lot of enthusiasm with the squad. You can see that with the practices. He has an excellent background as a defensive coach. He knows the league very well. I think the Vikings will be a very improved team next year."

At one point, it was reported the team erupted in laughter at something Burns said, which was out of earshot of reporters, and Burns would not comment on what that particualar statement was. If it was anything like this, it was gold, Jerry. GOLD!

(Serious NSFW due to language alert warning coming up for the following clip. If you've never seen this, you're fucking welcome. Because this might fucking be the absolute best fucking post game coaching rant ever fucking caught on tape.  Ever. You fuckers.)

Oh, and this was a post game presser in which the Vikings won the game.