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You Can Now Change Your SB Nation User Name

Just got something from the folks up at the mothership that some folks are going to like, I think.

You now have the ability to change your SB Nation user name without having to get one of the administrators/moderators to put in a request for you. If you want the low down on how to go about doing this, you can check out the post at the Blog Huddle.

Now, this isn't something that can be abused so that people have a different user name every day of the week or something like that. The higher-ups had the wisdom to limit the number of changes to one over the life of your account. So, if you go running over and change your user name right after you read this. . .well, that's it for you.

But, for those of you that have a name that may or may not be relevant to your interests or tastes any longer, you now have the ability to do something about it. Enjoy!