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A Training Camp Question For You

You guys got us there. What do you want us to bring you back? Sorry, no t-shirts

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp starts two weeks from today, kids. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

I know I've said this before, but it bears repeating: there's no way The Daily Norseman would be getting press credentials for training camp if it wasn't for you guys, the wonderful  folks that make up what is the best fan based Vikings site on the Internet.

We're not going into this training camp thing blind. Arif, Eric, Skol Girl, and myself have all covered this before, and we're happy that Di and CCNorseman are going to be able to join us.  We're going to bring you all the pertinent stuff with regards to the team, personnel, and all the good stuff that goes with actual, by God football, have no fear.

We're also going to do our best to give you all the breaking news, depth chart battles, press conferences, that kind of thing.  But we're here because of you, the passionate Minnesota Vikings fan...this is just as much for you guys as it is anyone.

A couple things we plan on doing, like we've done in years past--we'll have open threads for training camp, and unlike the regular off-season open threads, we'll embed the Twitter feed of all the DN staff that will be there.  We'll live tweet things as much as we can, and we'll have practice recaps up as soon as we can get to a computer and type them. And we'll give you as many updates as required throughout the day.  I know not everybody is on Twitter, but on a mobile device, Twitter is the fastest and quickest way to get info out, as opposed to trying to comment on an open thread. Well, at least it is for me.

So, with that said, what would you guys like to see?

Are there any players or coaches you want us to interview?  Do you want video, pictures, behind the scenes stuff? Let us know in the comments, and we'll try and knock out as many of the requests as we can. Keep in mind, the team doesn't make every player available, and only one coach a day (usually the head coach or the off/def coordinators) is available after practice. That said, if it's possible to get a few minutes with someone, we will do our best to make it happen.

Our goal is to make this as awesome for you guys as it will be for us.  Because without you, we wouldn't be doing this. So thank you, once again, for letting us live out our dream, if only for a few days.