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Adrian Peterson's Softball Strikeout

We've seen various members of the Minnesota Vikings make their way to Target Field this off-season to take part in pre-game festivities and other things, with varying degrees of success. Wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson did relatively well for himself. Rookie linebacker Anthony Barr. . .well, not so much.

Last night, as part of this week's All-Star festivities at Target Field, there was a celebrity softball game at Target Field. Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson was one of the participants, as were numerous other athletes and celebrities. (Minnesota Timberwolves' forward Kevin Love was supposed to participate to, but dropped out due to what the French would call "le BAWK BAWK BAWK.")

Peterson stepped to the plate against Jennie Finch, who might be the best women's softball player of all time. Peterson apparently told Finch not to take it easy from him and. . .well, she didn't, as you can see in the video. Peterson says he fouled a couple of balls off. The people in attendance, apparently, aren't so sure about that.

Fast-pitch softball is no joke. . .the mound is only 40 feet (for women) or 46 feet (for men) from home plate, and the ball can come in at speeds approaching 80 miles an hour. That and the man isn't wearing a helmet. . .seriously, I'm surprised I'm not doing a story about AD taking a fastball to the head. (Though, as Vikings fans, it certainly wouldn't have surprised us had it happened, would it?) But still. . .he doesn't look great up there.

Thankfully, he's a whole lot better at the football thing that he is at softball, and he and his teammates will be getting back to the business of football next week.