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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 7/15

This hand? This is the hand I'm gonna bitchslap Jaws with.
This hand? This is the hand I'm gonna bitchslap Jaws with.
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the delay, folks.  We're almost into the single digits until training camp starts...and I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.  Since we last broiught you an open thread:

Adrian Peterson and Chase Ford teamed up for a truly remarkable play.

Speaking of Adrian Peterson, good thing he chose football over softball or baseball.

From other spots on the Internet:

Target Field hosted the Home Run Derby last night, and Yoenis Cespedes won it for the second consecutive year. Also, about the rain delay: no, no one is longing for the Metrodome because of a one hour rain delay. If you are, you're a terrible person.

Matt Blair was one of my favorite Vikings ever. he's dealing with health issues in his post football life.  Good luck, Matt.

Hey, remember the Bigge-ass crane at the new Vikings stadium? It's owned by Danny's Construction, who is owned by a woman. Pretty cool.

Ron Jaworski doesn't like Matt Cassel. At all.

I don't ever remember playing a Johhny Cash song.  That changes, right now:

The rules of our daily thread remain the same: no politics, no religion, watch the swear words/use the filter thingy.