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Kluwe Report Done, But Vikings Might Not Release It

Well, this just went from bad to worse


A couple tweets this morning pretty much ruined my Vikings day.

First, Arif  tweeted this out a little while ago, citing Mike Freeman and KSTP News:

Oh, well then.  Naturally, Chris Kluwe, who was told he would receive a copy of the report, is none too pleased. He's called a press conference:

So, what can we make of all this? Probably the worst case scenario: Kluwe was pretty much right with regards to all of his allegations, and it's as bad as Kluwe alleged. By threatening to not release the report, the Vikings are making a bad situation even worse, if that's possible.

I have no idea what Kluwe will say at his press conference, other than he wants a copy of it.  And he's right--the Vikings said they would release it when they were done, and they should.

I don't know what the fallout will be, but I doubt it will be good.  Stay tuned.